Thermo scanner X8

ID: Thermo scanner X8
Category: Thermo Scanner
Unit: 1pcs
Material: Aluminium housing
Color: Silver
Brand: Mekotronics
Model: Thermo scanner X8

* Description: thermal scanner with face recognition

* Model: X8

* Sensor: Hyman sensor 5.0 htpa32 * 32D thermopile array with lens optical element (made in Germany)

* Temperature scanning range: 30-45°C, 85-115°F

* Temperature scanning distance: 20-60cm

* Automatic high temperature alarm

* Main CPU: rockchip 3399, large and small core structure

* CPU: dual core cortex A72 up to 1.8GHz; Quad core cortex A53 up to 1.4GHz

* GPU: Mali T860

* Display: 8-inch IPS full angle viewing screen panel (resolution 1280*800)

* Touch screen: (multi touch)

* Camera: binocular wide dynamic camera (2 megapixels)

* Connectors: RS485, Wiegand Wiegand, Ethernet, USB, DC port

* Installation options: desktop, wall mount and floor stand (optional)

* Size: 23.8 * 12.3 * 3.6

* Material: all aluminum alloy shell

* Complete set of accessories: power adapter (12V 3a, with CE / UL certification), hexagonal screwdriver, user manual