Mekotronics R58X (2023), R58X-4G, R58X-Pro, R58X-HDD, R58 Armour (2023) firmware download links

发表时间:2024-03-28 14:41

R58X (2023), R58X-4G and R58X-Pro firmware download links:

Android firmware (20230220):

Android firmware (20230221 hiding status bar):

Android firmware (20230620):

Debian firmware (20230215):

Debian firmware (20230330 Wayland):

Debian firmware (20230825):

Buildroot firmware (20230616):

Buildroot firmware (20230825):

Upgrade instructions:

The above linux firmware, log in password: blueberry

* Big thanks to the Armbian team:

Armbian firmware jammy_legacy_5.10.160_gnome (20240324):

Armbian firmware jammy_vendor_6.1.43_gnome (20240324):

Armbian firmware upgrade tool and instruction:

log in ID: root, password: 1234

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